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I started writing my regular blog in Czech two weeks ago and now I feel like I don't know what to write about when it comes to books. I need to work on my reviews, especially because a lot of book I'm gonna be reading in next few months will be for my European literature class so I need to make more notes I usually do.

However, this week (since today, 8th of March to 14th) there's a Read-O-Rama Read-A-Thon going and I decided to join in. It might be a bit hard for me to keep up with all the school I have, but I'm hoping to finish at least some of those book, if not all 7. Here are the books I picked for the 7 challenges:

Book from you TBR jar: Kazuo Ishiguro: A Pale View of the Hills

I don't have a TBR jar but because most of my books I have in my apartment in Prague are unread, I just went to, put in a number I though might correspondent with a pile I wanted to read from and this one happened.

Book with green on the cover: Jaime Hernandez: The Girl from H.O.P.P.E.R.S.

I didn't realise when I was picking this up this is a second book in the graphic novel series so I'll have to read the first one, but like I said, a graphic novel, so it should be fun to read.

Book that has "RAMA" in the title: Petra Hůlová: Macocha

Took me a while to pick one that's not too long and has all the letters in, but I succeeded! This is a book by a Czech author that I got for my birthday couple years ago and I'm excited to finally dive in.

Diverse book: Ben Aaronovitch: Moon Over Soho

The reason I picked this book, second in the Peter Grant series, is that the main character, Peter, is a person of colour. And since this one has to do with his family (or at least I think so) I thought it would be a good one to read. It is not as diverse as other book I could have picked but I already started on it and I want to finish it.

Book with flowers on the cover: Gertrude Stein: The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas

This could count as a book I'm supposed to read for my class so I won't feel like I'm not doing anything at all...

Contemporary book: Melissa Pimentel: Age Sex Location

I'm not a huge fan of contemporary contemporaries (as in I read a lot classics and 20the century ones could be considered contemporaries) but I've picked this one because it sounded interesting when I heard a youtuber talk about it. So we'll see.

Finish a series: John Updike: The Women who got away

This is technically cheating but I don't really have a series I could finish in one week (and I usually have only book one or two) so I picked the last one, number 20, in Penguin Great Loves series. I figured this could do and also - I am to read Updike for my class.

The last challenge is to read 7 books, which might or might not happen. Since I have a problem with sticking to reading lists, I might actually pick something else just to keep reading. And it's probably going to be something for a class, I recently started on Updike's Witched of Eastwick and and Singer's Satan in Garay so I might just finish these.

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Dedications. | Inspired by BookTube

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Sanne from Books and Quills made a video on dedications found in books and I suddenly felt inspired. I went through some of my books to find some interesting ones. It seems like authors dedicate their books mostly to their family members and don't bother to make the dedications interesting (which I totally get but...)

I picked five dedications - actually these are the first five interesting ones I read but you know... these authors were already a promise of something creative.

Toni Morrison: The Bluest Eye

"To the two who have me life
and the one who made me free."

I've got only the Czech edition of The Bluest Eye and even though the dedication doesn't sound that beautiful in Czech, it still struck me when I opened it. And by peeking in a copy of Beloved I found out Toni Morrison's dedications are probably always special.

Michael Chabon: Telegraph Avenue

"To Ayelet, from the drop of the needle to the innermost groove"

So far I've read only one of Michael Chabon's books and this is not it. And unfortunately I didn't like it as much as I hoped I would. However I think I'm gonna pick this one up just for the dedication (and the music!).

Helen Oyeyemi: The Icarus Girl

"This is all for
Mary Oyeyemi
(Sorry about that time I pretended to be the Angel of Death.)
and the other 'Tony, from before."

I somehow can't really decide why I like this one so much. It just resonates with me for some reason.

Neil Gaiman: Unnatural Creatures

"For Bigfoot, for the time travelers, for the pirates, for the robots, for any boring people (who obviously aren't actually secret agents in boring disguise), for people in space rockets, and for our mothers - N.G."

Leave it up to Neil Gaiman to write a very special dedication. It's not just to whom it is dedicated but the way it is written. His writing is always so beautiful and I loved this whole short story collection, it's brilliantly put together.

Caitlin Moran: Moranthology

"To the bit in Bottom where Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson hit the gas man with a frying pan forty-two times. I learned so much from you."

This one just seems to sum up Caitlin Moran so brilliantly! It's her in one simple, very weir dedication.

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